Be my mine

Be my mine

Hobbledehoy spelunker of prairie,

Metamorphic Midas in reverie.

Changeling turned into parvenu,

Conjures up a nymph ingénue.

Triumvirate of pulchritude,

Sylph and carnal beatitude,

Ensconced from all evil eyes,

Enshrined in the abyss that underlies.

Lava as a poultice on the soul,

Untouched, unfelt, the whole.

Camouflaged under thick swards,

Inside palisade of staved barbs.

My solitary treasure-trove,

Of puissant idiomorphic love,

A protected, unexploited by greed,

Shielding the surreal need.

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Some Pokeribs

Some proverbs, poke ribs:

  1. Man does not live by bride alone.
  2. A friend is only as long as he gets his choicest drink.
  3. Behind every broad-minded man there is a broad-minded woman.
  4. All is roast that comes to the grill.
  5. A leotard cannot cringe its supports.
  6. A Roman’s place is in Rome.
  7. Better be in love and be thought a novice than to love and remove all doubt.
  8. Cut your goat to suit your broth.
  9. Breadman sells no cakes.

10. A cat has nine wives.

11. A neighbor’s wife must be above horizon.

12. An ounce of perspiration is worth a pound of gym fees.S

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My dear dreamy

My dear dreamy

Having passed many milestones in this life,

I’ve shown to the world, I’ve a dream wife,

A dream house, a dream job; do you have a clue

As to my claim to being a dreamer is true?

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Cupboard Love

Effervesce in beatitude

Delusional vastitude

Of cataract innate

Nostrum to embrocate.

A fugitive from love

Diminutive in resolve

A Lilliputian mastodon

Unabnegating guerdon.

Anamnesis of machismo

Pyrophobic ’tween inferno

Propensity to be platonic

Velleity to pose irenic.

Pyrrhic defeat theory

Machiavellian amatory

Ever troth to travesty

Sojourn in Venus fealty.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the world of words. Mail all about words.

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