Be my mine

Be my mine

Hobbledehoy spelunker of prairie,

Metamorphic Midas in reverie.

Changeling turned into parvenu,

Conjures up a nymph ingénue.

Triumvirate of pulchritude,

Sylph and carnal beatitude,

Ensconced from all evil eyes,

Enshrined in the abyss that underlies.

Lava as a poultice on the soul,

Untouched, unfelt, the whole.

Camouflaged under thick swards,

Inside palisade of staved barbs.

My solitary treasure-trove,

Of puissant idiomorphic love,

A protected, unexploited by greed,

Shielding the surreal need.


About ub4v

Teacher who learns from every student.
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