Some Pokeribs

Some proverbs, poke ribs:

  1. Man does not live by bride alone.
  2. A friend is only as long as he gets his choicest drink.
  3. Behind every broad-minded man there is a broad-minded woman.
  4. All is roast that comes to the grill.
  5. A leotard cannot cringe its supports.
  6. A Roman’s place is in Rome.
  7. Better be in love and be thought a novice than to love and remove all doubt.
  8. Cut your goat to suit your broth.
  9. Breadman sells no cakes.

10. A cat has nine wives.

11. A neighbor’s wife must be above horizon.

12. An ounce of perspiration is worth a pound of gym fees.S


About ub4v

Teacher who learns from every student.
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